Graphic Design Startup Package for Business

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Owning your own company is an amazing adventure, but sometimes it is difficult to hit the ground running. This unique all-in-one graphic design starter package for business gives you the opportunity to form the building blocks of your company in just three months. Use form below to apply. 

What Does the Package Include?

The Graphic Design Startup Package is designed around your needs!  When you apply, you will be contacted to discuss the areas of focus needed to start your business. Starting from scratch? Awesome! I will help you design the logo that best represents your company and vision. Already have a logo? Great! Let’s continue to build your brand through your website and marketing materials. Once the needs of the business have been discussed, a contract between designer and client will be provided that outlines the expected schedule of work.

The Graphic Design Startup Package for Business may include:

  • Logo Design
  • WordPress Setup & Customization
  • Web Graphics
  • Search Engine Registration
  • SEO Optimization
  • Brochures, Flyers, Posters, & Marketing Materials

Cost: $1500 Unlimited Graphic Design for 3 Months – a $7,200 Value! 

Starting your own business can be nerve-racking, but with this starter package, you can be ready to launch your brand sooner than you think. The package costs $1,500 and I will work with you for three months (unlimited graphic design services up to 8 hours per week) to help design your business at no additional cost to you. (Note: you may have to pay external fees to purchase your domain name, web hosting, or similar setup costs if you have not done so already, but I can help walk you through this.) Small business on a budget? Payment plans can be negotiated.

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Apply Today

Certainly, this isn’t all you will need to run a successful business, but it’s definitely a good place to start!

Apply now to reserve your spot or to receive more information. Limited spots are available.